ASSET SEARCHES – Conducting asset searches can be difficult and time consuming. BCD Investigations can assist in asset searches for real estate, bank accounts and brokerage accounts.

BACKGROUND INVESTIGATIONS – Background investigations are conducted for many reasons. Contact BCD Investigations for any of the following background investigations: pre-marital/relationship, due diligence, child custody, litigation and fraud prevention. You can request a “self” background check to learn what others may find about you.

BUSINESS SOLUTIONS – BCD Investigations provides business solutions when investigations may be needed for sexual harassment complaints, employee theft, GPS tracking options, workplace threats or violence, safety plans and business compliance. Contact BCD Investigations for a business solutions consultation.

CHILD CUSTODY – BCD Investigations conducts many child custody investigations. We can verify compliance/non-compliance of a child custody agreement. We are often asked to conduct a background investigation on the new partner of a custodial parent.

GPS TRACKING – BCD Investigations has a wide array of GPS tracking options. Live GPS tracking provides real-time information on the location of a vehicle or object. Passive GPS tracking provides digital history of the location of a vehicle or object. GPS tracking can be used for fleet vehicles, monitoring teen or senior drivers and in certain cases of infidelity or cheating partners.

California and federal laws govern the use of GPS tracking devices. BCD Investigations will not use a GPS tracking device in violation of the law.

INFIDELITY or CHEATING PARTNER – Infidelity or a cheating partner, known or suspected, can be an emotional and difficult time. BCD Investigations has extensive experience with this type of situation. We provide information you can use to determine if there is infidelity or a cheating partner.

LITIGATION SUPPORT – BCD Investigations can provide excellent litigation support for civil or criminal cases. Contact us for witness locates, witness interviews and process service.

PERSONAL INJURY – BCD Investigations conducts personal injury investigations. We will investigate your personal injury resulting from any type of accident.

PHOTO and VIDEO EVIDENCE – BCD Investigations has quality equipment to obtain photo and video evidence in any situation you need. Photo and video evidence is provided with date and time stamps to get you the accurate information.

SKIP TRACE – Skip trace is necessary to locate persons who may be attempting to avoid process service or debt payments. Skip trace is similar to background investigations, but results are limited to the best methods or places to find the specific person.

SOCIAL MEDIA INVESTIGATIONS – BCD Investigations has extensive training in open source intelligence techniques which is the foundation of social media investigations. As a Certified Social Media Intelligence Expert we can provide important information about plaintiffs, respondents, applicants and potential or empaneled jurors.

STALKING INVESTIGATIONS – Stalking is possibly one of the scariest situations for any person to endure. Is the person stalking you an acquaintance, former partner or stranger? BCD Investigations can offer safety advice and conduct a thorough investigation to provide proof of stalking and the identity of the person stalking you.

SUB ROSA – BCD Investigations provides quality Sub Rosa investigations for law firms, insurance companies and business clients. As an expert in surveillance, we provide photo and video evidence to support the Sub Rosa investigation.

SURVEILLANCE – BCD Investigations has extensive experience in surveillance in many types of situations including watching a specific location or following persons in vehicles, on foot and on public transportation. Quality surveillance operations require experience, planning and patience. BCD Investigations is your best choice for surveillance needs.

WORKERS’ COMPENSATION –Workers’ Compensation fraud is one of the costliest types of insurance fraud. With expertise in surveillance and the collection of photo and video evidence, BCD Investigations is qualified to conduct Workers’ Compensation investigations.