Surveillance is the cornerstone of private investigations. BCD Investigations has extensive experience in surveillance in many types of situations including watching a specific location or following persons in vehicles, on foot and on public transportation. Quality surveillance operations require experience, planning and patience. BCD Investigations is your best choice for surveillance needs.

We use a variety of cameras during surveillance to obtain the best evidence. Our photos and video are date and time stamped. Photo and video evidence is usually provided to the client with one day.

Prior Surveillance Investigations

Case 1
BCD Investigations was hired to conduct surveillance in a child custody case in which one parent was known to consume excessive amounts of alcohol. We conducted surveillance on foot in a beach community and obtained video evidence for the client.

Case 2
BCD Investigations was hired to conduct surveillance in a pending family law case in which one parent was believed to be drinking throughout the day and then picking up a child at school. We obtained video evidence that showed the parent purchasing alcohol, pouring it into a generic container and consuming it over several hours in public.

Case 3
BCD Investigations was hired to conduct surveillance on a family law matter in which one party claimed to live at a specific address with the children. We initiated surveillance with a covert camera over a one-week period that showed the person was not at that address. This method provided valuable video evidence while saving money for the client.

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