Social Media Investigations

BCD Investigations specializes in social media and open source investigations. We have extensive training in open source intelligence techniques which are the foundation of social media investigations. Social media is an important source of information for most cases.

As a Certified Social Media Intelligence Expert, we use licensed software to monitor, collect, preserve and report on many social media platforms. We can collect and preserve any Internet content. The final report complies with best practices for e-discovery.

Our software allows us to:

Conduct keyword searches for specific content
Search for geotagged content
Map geotagged content
Collect email content (with permission of user)
Collect and preserve any web site or Internet content

Social media investigations are commonly used in infidelity or child custody cases, personal injury cases, missing persons cases, background investigations and due diligence investigations.

Prior Social Media Investigations

Case 1
BCD Investigations was hired to locate and observe a plaintiff in a personal injury case. The subject was located by reviewing social media profiles and determining the most likely places he would be.

Case 2
BCD Investigations was hired to review the social media activity of a plaintiff in a civil action. Nearly two dozen social media profiles were found which included many posts related to the case.

Case 3
BCD Investigations was hired to determine compliance of a child custody order. We located social media content with video of the child that was favorable to our client.

Case 4
BCD Investigations was hired to identify the person who posted threatening content on Twitter. Using the software described above and various open source techniques we accurately identified the user in three hours.

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