Child Custody

Child custody cases are one of the most important cases we take. BCD Investigations conducts many child custody investigations. We can verify compliance/non-compliance of a child custody agreement.

Surveillance is the usual technique for child custody investigations. BCD Investigations has surveillance options that allow us to save money for the client.

We are often asked to conduct a background investigation on the new partner of a custodial parent.

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Prior Child Custody Investigations

Case 1
The client was concerned the custodial parent was cohabitating with a registered sex offender. We conducted surveillance by placing a camera in a public place to view the residence. This allowed us to determine if the parent left the house leaving the children alone with the offender.

Case 2
The client was the custodial parent. The visitation order required the other parent conduct brief visitations while supervised by specific family members. BCD Investigations was able to covertly monitor the visitation period to determine compliance of the order.

Case 3
The client had shared custody of children with their former spouse. The former spouse was providing false information to the court regarding employment status and the location of their primary residence. BCD Investigations initiated surveillance and 1) proved the former spouse was NOT residing at the location reported to the court, 2) identified a correct residence and 3) found the former spouse was employed.

Case 4
BCD Investigations was hired by an out-of-state client to conduct surveillance of the custodial parent residing in San Diego. Alcohol use was an issue in this case. We obtained quality video in public places and bars which were beneficial to the client.

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