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BCD Investigations provides business solutions when investigations may be needed for sexual harassment complaints, employee theft, GPS tracking options, workplace threats or violence, safety plans and compliance of company policy.

Investigations of job applicants or current employees by a third-party investigator are considered “Investigative Consumer Reports” and MUST comply with California and Federal law.

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Case 1
BCD Investigations was hired by a national retailer to conduct surveillance of two management-level employees to determine if they were complying with company policy. BCD Investigations conducted surveillance of both employees for seven days on the Metrolink train in Los Angeles County. We provided the client with 20 GB’s of video allowing them to determine compliance of company policies.

Case 2
BCD Investigations was hired by a local business after a workplace violence incident. We installed GPS* tracking devices on several vehicles owned by the company to monitor activities of involved parties.

Case 3
BCD Investigations was hired by a local business to document harassment by a neighboring business. We installed covert cameras to monitor and document activity over several days.

Case 4
BCD Investigations was hired by an out-of-state company to locate and conduct surveillance on former employees who stole client lists and business plans. We located the new business address for the former employees and initiated surveillance to monitor their activities.

*GPS tracking devices will only be used if the client is a lawful owner of the vehicle to be tracked.

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