Background investigations

A proper background investigation involves digging deep into all the potential activity and history of a person. It cannot be accomplished for $24.95 on an Internet site.

Background investigations that are requested for employment, housing or credit consideration MUST comply with California and Federal law.

BCD Investigations has accounts with reliable data providers to collect basic information and builds on this to compile a complete background of a person or business.

An in-depth background investigation should include:
Criminal/Civil/Family Court History*
Current and Prior Contact Information
Property Ownership
Business Ownership and Connections
Professional Licenses
Social Media
Other Internet Content

A background investigation will not include a credit report without a court order or written permission of the consumer.

Examples of Background Investigations

Case 1
BCD Investigations was hired to identify all business connections of a person involved in pending litigation. We located multiple businesses in several states.

Case 2
BCD Investigations was hired by a local employer. This business had recruited or hired persons from outside the area. We conducted background investigations for the business on potential child care providers and service contractors that were being considered by the new employees.

Case 3
BCD Investigations was hired by the client to conduct a background investigation on a person listed on an online dating profile.

*There is no “one-stop shop” for criminal/civil/family court history. BCD Investigations will check each court in the county of current and past residency. In most cases the only accurate way to determine if a court case is the same person is to review court records. Some courts allow the purchase of these records online while many other courts require the records be requested in person. Additional costs for time and expenses may apply.

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