Asset Search

An asset search is intended to locate and identify any property or items of value owned or controlled by a specific person or business. Frequently, an asset search will also reveal the financial liabilities of a person or business.

An asset search, background investigation or skip trace all overlap in some form.

An asset search may be requested in a personal injury case to determine if a settlement offer is reasonable. An asset search may be requested in pre-litigation to determine if there is a benefit to filing a case. An asset search is often requested in divorce cases.

BCD Investigations has accounts with reliable data providers to locate real estate and businesses controlled by a person throughout the United States. Assets held in a trust are harder to identify, but with proper time and research, connections can made between property held in a trust and a specific person or business.

Prior Examples

Case 1
BCD Investigations was hired to conduct an asset search in a divorce case. We compiled an in-depth background on the subject that included all known assets including property not previously identified.

Case 2
BCD Investigations conducts regular asset searches for a local law firm to determine if personal injury settlement offers are reasonable.

*No investigator can guarantee that a search or report will contain every possible asset of a person or business.

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