Prior Cases

BUSINESS SOLUTIONS – BCD Investigations was hired by a national retailer to conduct surveillance of two management-level employees to determine if they were complying with company policy. BCD Investigations conducted surveillance of both employees for seven days on the Metrolink train in Los Angeles County. We provided the client with 20 GB’s of video allowing them to determine compliance of company policies.

CHILD CUSTODY – The client was a local man in the military. His child’s mother (custodial parent) had moved out of state. She almost immediately moved in with a new man. BCD Investigations conducted a thorough background investigation of this man. The background check included criminal and family court history, employment verification and interviews of persons with knowledge of the man’s character.

CHILD CUSTODY – The client was the custodial parent. The visitation order required the other parent conduct brief visitations while supervised by specific family members. BCD Investigations was able to monitor the visitation period to determine compliance of the order.

CHILD CUSTODY –The client had shared custody of children with their former spouse. The former spouse was providing false information to the court regarding the location of their primary residence. BCD Investigations initiated surveillance and 1) proved the former spouse was NOT residing at the location reported to the court, and 2) identified a location where the former spouse was taking the children.

INFIDELITY/CHEATING PARTNER – An out-of-state client hired BCD Investigations to conduct an investigation of their spouse who was traveling alone to San Diego. We monitored the arrival at the airport where the spouse was met by a “friend.” We followed both to a hotel and continued surveillance over three consecutive days at the hotel (including the pool and Jacuzzi) and away from the hotel for meals and a trip to the beach. The client received more than 300 high-quality photos and videos and a detailed written report at the conclusion of the investigation.

INFIDELITY/CHEATING PARTNER – A client hired BCD Investigations to determine if their spouse was involved with another person. The client already had suspicions of the identity of the person. BCD Investigations was able to get photographic proof of the relationship very quickly saving the client time and money.

INFIDELITY/CHEATING PARTNER – An out-of-state client contacted BCD Investigations requesting an immediate surveillance of their spouse at a formal event in San Diego. We attended the event, located the client’s spouse and observed activities supporting the client’s suspicions of infidelity. The client requested additional long-term surveillance and received more than 350 photos, videos and surveillance reports.

PERSONAL INJURY INVESTIGATION – BCD Investigations was hired to locate and provide video of a person claiming significant injuries in a civil case. We located the claimant and obtained extensive video of the person involved in activities inconsistent with their injury claims.

PERSONAL INJURY INVESTIGATION – BCD Investigations was hired to locate and document the activities of a person who claimed they were too ill to attend required court hearings. We provided video of the person that contradicted the claim.

POST-DIVORCE – The client hired BCD Investigations to investigate the background of their former spouse who claimed they could not work. We provided proof of several undergraduate degrees and evidence of prior and current professional licenses in multiple states. These facts were used to argue for modification of spousal/child support.

SOCIAL MEDIA INVESTIGATIONS BCD Investigations was hired to locate and observe a plaintiff in a personal injury case. The subject was located by reviewing social media profiles and determining the most likely places he would be.

SOCIAL MEDIA INVESTIGATIONS BCD Investigations was hired to review the social media activity of a plaintiff in a civil action. Nearly two dozen social media profiles were found which included many posts related to the case.