About Us

Dave Walker has 30 years of extensive investigative experience in municipal and federal law enforcement in the city and county of San Diego. In his law enforcement career Dave has investigated complex cases involving crimes of violence including assault, robbery, kidnapping and homicide. Prior to retiring Dave was certified in evidence collection, auto theft investigations, robbery investigations, interviewing techniques and forensic video investigations. He was often recognized for report writing, investigative ability and surveillance skills.

Dave is a Certified Professional Investigator.  Certification requires a minimum amount of continuing education and successfully passing the written exam. 

After retiring from law enforcement, Dave started BCD Investigations in San Diego.  He is the CEO and Qualified Manager of BCD Investigations, Inc., licensed by the State of California, Bureau of Security and Investigative Services.

Dave has extensive training in open source Intelligence techniques and social media investigations. He is a Certified Social Media Intelligence Expert.

When conducting an investigation, he has the natural ability to anticipate what people are likely to do.

Dave is a member of the California Association of Licensed Investigators, National Council of Investigation and Security Services, World Association of Detectives, Association of Workplace Investigators and a sustaining member of the San Diego Paralegal Association