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BCD Investigations, Inc provides professional and ethical private investigation services to the Greater San Diego area. View the link above for a complete list of available services which include background checks, asset searches and more. Specializing in Social Media Investigations, surveillance and location services BCD Investigations will get the information you need. BCD Investigations is equipped to provide photo and video evidence including night vision capabilities. Covert video options allow us to obtain the same high level of evidence undetected in public settings.

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Child Custody Investigations

A child custody investigation is a frequent request for private investigators.  A parent needs to know if the other parent is complying with a custody agreement or failing to meet


Is Your Private Investigator Qualified?

Many licenses regulated by the California Department of Consumer Affairs, Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (BSIS) require a Qualified Manager (QM).  Some of the licenses that require a QM


San Diego Workplace Investigations – What are they and when do I need one?

San Diego Workplace Investigations

Harassment. Discrimination. Retaliation.  Every year in San Diego and across the nation, organizations big and small deal with millions of cases of workplace conflict and employee misconduct.   They range from those that