Photo and Video Evidence

BCD Investigations will obtain the best quality photo or video evidence for your case. All video or images will be date and time stamped. We use a variety of equipment to be able to blend in to the situation and not be detected.

In past cases, we built a camera into a common item so that it fit the environment and was not noticed for what it was.

All surveillance cases will result in photo or video evidence. There are times when surveillance can be conducted by use of a properly placed camera. A camera that can be placed and run full-time will often result in a 75-80% savings compared to a live surveillance for that same period. We use this technique to monitor a fixed location from a public place.

Prior Examples

Case 1
BCD Investigations was hired to conduct surveillance in a child custody case. Live surveillance was not required to obtain information on the work schedule of the parent. A camera was placed in a public place with a view of the residence. We reviewed the video and reported the results.

Case 2
BCD Investigations was hired to document the current owners and employees of a business for pending litigation. We placed a camera in a public place with a view of the business. We reviewed the video and reported the results which allowed to client to identify potential parties to his case.

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