Litigation Support

BCD Investigations provides a variety of services to law firms and attorneys including:

Locate Witnesses
Interview Witnesses
Provide Written Statements
Locate Former Employees
Evaluate Crime Scenes
Photograph Evidence
Conduct Background Investigations
Conduct Asset Searches
Service of Process for Specific Clients
Social Media Investigations

Prior Examples

Case 1
BCD Investigations was hired by a local law firm to photograph and document a traffic collision involving a construction area. We took photographs and measurements to document the road conditions at the time of the collision. The fluid nature of the construction caused the road surface to change very soon after.

Case 2
BCD Investigations was hired by a local law firm to investigate parties involved in a fatal traffic collision. We located individuals and businesses with potential financial responsibility in the case.

Case 3
BCD Investigations was hired by a local law firm to conduct a social media investigation of a plaintiff in a law suit. We located several social media accounts, monitored the accounts and collected and documented evidence for the case.

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