Infidelity or a cheating partner

There is probably nothing more cliché than a private investigator taking a case of a cheating spouse. The client in this type of case is experiencing a wide range of emotions which can cause them to spend money unnecessarily. Many investigators will not take an infidelity case.

We ask a potential client if they sought legal advice to determine if an investigation is necessary or beneficial. We also suggest this client set a strict budget for the case.

If we end up taking an infidelity case the client will receive detailed reports and quality photos or video with date and time stamps.

Examples of Cases

Case 1
BCD Investigations was hired by an out-of-state client to conduct surveillance on their spouse while traveling in San Diego. We observed the airport arrival and continued surveillance for several days providing reports and video to the client.

Case 2
BCD Investigations was hired to conduct surveillance of the client’s spouse. With the assistance of GPS* we monitored the spouse on several occasions and provided quality video to the client.

*GPS tracking devices will only be used if the client is a lawful owner of the vehicle to be tracked.

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