GPS Tracking

GPS tracking is a valuable tool to be used in certain situations including tracking company or fleet vehicles, tracking teen drivers or tracking valuable property. GPS tracking can only be used if the client is the lawful owner of the item or property to be tracked. BCD Investigations takes steps to verify the client is the lawful owner of the vehicle or property to be tracked.

In most cases the tracking device is placed on a vehicle with the intent to track the driver. On the occasions when a tracking device is appropriate, overall investigative costs are often reduced. Tracking devices vary in size and function and are limited by the size of the battery. Devices that are powered by the vehicle usually require access to the interior of vehicle.

A tracking device is placed on the vehicle and sends signals at a prescribed interval. The status and location of the tracking device can by monitored on a computer, tablet or smartphone.

A tracking device is placed on or in the vehicle. The device records GPS data in the internal memory. The device is retrieved and downloaded to obtain historical data of the movement of the device.

Prior Examples
In all examples placement of the device was legal.

Case 1
BCD Investigations was hired by a local business to provide temporary GPS tracking services on a company vehicle to determine compliance of company policies.

Case 2
BCD Investigations has placed GPS tracking devices in several infidelity cases which saved the client surveillance costs.

Use of a GPS tracking device in violation of the law could result in the client AND the investigator being prosecuted for criminal acts AND sued for civil torts. The investigator will most likely lose their Private Investigator license.

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